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Check the path of your best conversions using our funnel graph.


Check your website's heatmaps using our heatmapping toolset.


Play back session recordings of your visitors to see behavior on static pages.


Use our survey and polling tools to get feedback from any number of visitors.

A/B Testing

Use our website optimizer to test multiple variations on your website.

Coming Soon


Create walk-through tutorials on your site using a point and click tool.

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Visitors Profile

Combine everything you know about your customer into one customer profile.

Live Chat

Live-chat with visitors on your website to answer questions in real-time. You can also chat internally with your team.

Support Inbox

Let visitors on your website leave messages for you if there are any questions.

Email Campaigns

Send mass email campaigns, scheduled or adhoc, to your audience.

Appointment Scheduling

Give your customers an easy option to select an appointment slot with you.

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Newsletter Subscribe

Give your visitors the ability to subscribe to your mailing list.

Why log in to multiple platforms?

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Content Discovery

Use our Content Discovery Callout and Widget to increase your pageviews.

Retargeted Advertising

Use our retargeting network to advertise to visitors who leave your website without a purchase to keep your brand at the top of their minds.

(Artificially Intelligent Marketer Enhancement Engine)

Aimee automatically collects relevant data from your website based on visitor activity, including pageviews, clicks, referrers, etc. She connects the dots between activity from your visitors, content on your website and external factors that impact your business. Based on the results, Aimee gives you suggestions on how to improve the metrics that matter most to you.

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All the features listed.

** Up to 20k unique visitors per month.


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  • (> 50k) $100/Month
  • (> 100k) $200/Month
  • (> 200k) $400/Month
  • (> 250k) See Enterprise


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